Thursday, 28 July 2011

bike fun

today i am going to the park with my cycocycle and the cycocycle is so fun there is no handels so its very hard but so fun. it has only three wheels and you have to tern the seat to tern left and right. theres peddles to make it go and its quite hard to stop and some times i fall of when i go fast aroud cornes and it herts my self  a lot but i always get back on. it amazingly fun and my brother mikey who is four. rely whats to learning to ride his bike with out stables he very excited and there is pichers of the cycocycle  and mikey trying his hardist to ride his  bike with no stables i got these pitchers from yestaday because i went yestaday to the park  and now im going again  today because its so so fun on the cycocycle and it is so so soo funny wen you see me fall of i done a hand stand of and its so funny and scratched my hand alot a big mark was there and its still there on my arm but i still just clim rite back on because its to fun.          

                                               The cycocycle is very good and its from Toys R us.


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