all about jackson boxer.

Jackson is a boxer a dog he is a puppy he is not even 1 yet and he has a big yawn as you can see here.
isent that a big yawn jackson cud swallow the me that yawns so big. jackson is a cute boxer but he is a crazy mad one too! but sometimes he is so cute i take him for a walk.

jackson loves his walks and evreytime we take him for walks he smiles like you see here on this pitcher. he runs relly relly relly fast like a cheter and we have to take water and jacksons bowl because he runs  so fast and gets so fersty.


and after all that walking he likes a big hug and he mite even fall a sleep. he cuddles you if you be qwiet and he jumps to my bed when im a sleep and i wake up with a jackson on my bed he has a cute face and a big fluffy coat.