Thursday, 4 August 2011


We got some zoobles today  there names were unga and bunga  they bth are very fun to play with me and my brothers love them unga is the mummy and bunga is the baby there very fun so we are going to get some more
there both so cute and ok very pritty with lots f difret colurs i think the small one is a monkey. you can roll tem around the flour because they can roll because they all tern to a ball you can get lots more there is 300!!!
 zoobles to get i love them so cutch i am going to get all the 300 zoobles  there great fun ive had fun with them
ever sinse I love them there so fun and im going to tell you about eatch one i get and if i am good i mit get one tmorow and i will write about that tmorow is a pitcher of my Zoobles.

                       x chloe x

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