Monday, 25 July 2011

toy plants vs zombies.

 Me and my brothers love plants vs zombies we play plant vs zombies game and this is what happens in the game. You have to click start and then you have to get as meny sun as you can then you need to 
put plants on the grass you get difrent plants eatch time you win you lose and you get your brains eaten so your plants have to help you you start of with a pee shouter it shoutes pees Once you get gooder you start to go to the bed time then after that it is water and dolphines can come in the whater with zombies on there backs and the dolphine can jump over one thing and then dispers all zombies can just come in a ruber duck you can get cones,buckets,screen doors ,foot ballers and lots more zombies then you go on the roof and you get catapults then if you finish all of that you kill a robot zombie leder and then if you do that the sun flower sings a lovely song its very fun playing it and me and my brothers enjoy it.

Popcap who make this great game sent us some things, that zombie head and the sun flower glowes and it is magnetic and we like it alot theres ohly two and we got some zombies to there very funny 
and there magnetic to.i have big fluffy plants vs zombies and i have toy hard small toys to we had some big  long stickers and they were good and my brothers had zombies and i had a sun flower

 X X X Chloe X X X 


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